UP Connections First-Semester Peer-Mentorship Program

UP Connections is a peer-mentorship program to aid multicultural students of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds in the adjustment of college. All first-year undergraduate students at University of Portland are welcome to be a part of the UP Connections program.

Students involved in the program will meet their peer-mentor during September when UP Connections will host a reception and welcome event. In addition to this hosted event, first-year students will have weekly contact with their peer-mentor where they can learn how to navigate campus life and meet other students. They will also have the opportunity to attend scheduled programs and events throughout the academic year (panel discussions, bowling nights, movie nights, pizza dinners, and more).

If you are interested in the peer-mentorship program, please call the Office of Student Activities or stop by to fill out an information card. If you are interested in participating in other diversity and multicultural programs and events, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail the Office of Student Activities a 503.943.7470 or stuact@up.edu


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