Internships are one form of Work Integrated Learning at the University of Portland. There are a variety of forms of experiential learning and student engagement - internships; clinical experiences; student teaching; research based learning; cooperative education; and service learning.

The University Bulletin details the variety of programs for students to engage in the numerous forms of Work Integrated Learning during their course of study.   

Informal Work Integrated Learning

The Career Center and many campus departments provide ways for students to connect with alumni and professionals to discuss career experience and learn about career paths. 

These activities include:

  • Conducting informational interviews

  • Participating in mock interviews

  • Attending information sessions

  • Participating in career fairs

  • Attending career panels

  • Joining and interacting on LinkedIn networking groups like Pilots Guiding Pilots and the Official Alumni Group 

  • Attending class presentations given by business professionals and alumni 

  • Completing capstone projects


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