Job Search Tools

Looking for a job, but don't know where to start? The Career Center is here to help. In addition to offering individual appointments and a variety of resources to assist you with your job search, the Career Center also hosts numerous career fairs on campus. We suggest using the following handouts as a place to start your search:

On-Campus Jobs: All on-campus positions are posted on the UP student job board

The Career Center posts all internship, part-time, and full-time opportunities on College Central Network.

UP students and alumni are welcome to view and post internship and job opportunities. Please visit College Central to create an account and view or post opportunities. 

If you are new to College Central Network, we have resources to help you create your account and search for positions.

College Central User Help Video:

Research estimates that up to 80% of positions are found through referrals and networking, so we suggest that you focus your job or internship search on connecting with professionals, alumni and employers in your areas of interest. The resources below provide assistance with networking:



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