Hear from some of our students who are currently particpating in summer internships.

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Summer 2017 internship stories

Photo of Kati Cooke

Kati Cooke - Class of 2018
Corporate finance intern at Intel Corporation

"Thanks to my resources at UP, including my accounting professors and the Career Center, I was able to secure my dream internship. "

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Photo of Molly McSweyn

Molly McSweyn - Class of 2018
Junior fellow and communication intern at The Democracy Collaborative in Washington, D.C.

"Internships allow for students to learn what different companies and organizations are like, what job descriptions and responsibilities mean, and what kind of people you want to work with."

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Photo of Julia Kimoto

Julia Kimoto - Class of 2020
Summer intern at Austin Tsutsumi and Associates

"I believe internships are important for undergraduate students because it provides the opportunity to work in a professional setting and build relationships with people already in your field of study."

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Photo of Michelle McLaren

Michelle McLaren - Class of 2017
Summer worker at NIKE

"I applied for this NIKE internship because I wanted an opportunity to hone my professional communication skills as well as my technical skills with different software. "

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photo of Eli Waxman

Eli Waxman - Class of 2020
Research assistant for University of Portland Biology department

"There’s something special about being in a “real life” lab scenario for the first time, especially as a student."

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Photo of April-Joy McCann

April-Joy McCann - Class of 2018
Electrical Systems Engineer intern at Gulfstream Aerospace Company

"Through my internship, I am able to have a peek into what it would be like to work in a fast paced environment."

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