Tuition & Fees

2016-2017 Charges per Semester Cost

Undergraduate Tuition

Full-time (12 or more credit hours) $20,922.00
Part-time (1 to 11 credit hours, per credit hour) $1,310.00

Graduate Tuition (per credit hour)

College of Arts & Sciences
Communication Studies $1,170.00
Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry $585.00
Master of Fine Arts $585.00
School of Engineering
Master of Engineering $1,170.00
Master of Biomedical Engineering $1,170.00
School of Education
Master of Arts in Teaching $878.00
Educational Specialist $735.00
Doctor of Education $735.00
Master of Education $585.00
Master of Arts in Education $585.00
Education Post Baccalaureate Certificate $585.00
Education Post Master Certificate $585.00
School of Business
Master of Business Administration $1,220.00
Master of Science in Finance $1,220.00
Operations & Technology Management $1,220.00
Executive MBA in Nonprofit Management $610.00
School of Nursing
Master of Science in Nursing $1,170.00
Doctor of Nursing Practice $1,170.00
Clinical Nurse Leader $715.00
Nurse Educator $715.00
Auditor 50% of tuition, 100% of course fees
Non-matriculated students pay tuition and fees based upon registration level
A student who holds a degree from an accredited college or university is considered to be a graduate student for fee purposes
*For foreign programs contact the program director

Professional Tuition Fees

Business, Economics, Computer Science, Undergraduate Education**, Engineering and Nursing courses (per credit hour) $50.00
**Graduate Education courses are exempt from professional fees unless otherwise noted under course descriptions

Additional Fees for Full-time Undergraduates

Student Activities Fee $85.00
Health Insurance (unless waived before the deadline) $1,045.00
Music-Private Lessons (per credit hour) $300.00
Laboratory/Workshop Fees See course descriptions

Summer Session

Consult Summer Session Catalog for tuition schedule and fees

Room and Meal Plans - All Residence Halls


Double or Triple Room with
Meal Plan 1 $5,917.00
Meal Plan 2 $6,069.00
Meal Plan 3 $6,197.00
Meal Plan 4 $7,110.00
Single Room or Triple Room at Double Occupancy with
Meal Plan 1 $6,574.00
Meal Plan 2 $6,726.00
Meal Plan 3 $6,854.00
Meal Plan 4 $7,767.00
Double Room at Single Occupancy with
Meal Plan 1 $7,140.00
Meal Plan 2 $7,292.00
Meal Plan 3 $7,420.00
Meal Plan 4 $8,333.00
Residence Hall Damage Deposit $100.00
Private Bath Amenities Charge (all residence halls except  Haggerty & Tyson)
1 person $180.00
2 people $90.00
3 people $60.00
4 people $45.00
Haggerty/Tyson Amenities Charge $190.00
Meal Plan Amounts per Semester
Meal Plan 1 1575 Pilot Points
Meal Plan 2 1769 Pilot Points
Meal Plan 3 1938 Pilot Points
Meal Plan 4 2912 Pilot Points

Pilot Points - may be added to a student’s account at any time throughout the year at the food service office in the Commons. Students are limited to adding $200.00 at a time.

For more specific Room and Board information please go to Residence Life or contact them at 503-943-7205 or

More information regarding class fees and schedules is also available in the University Bulletin.


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